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Single Deck TFO

 Specially design for corporate mill Heavy duty, new generation Two-For-One twister machine is providing a complete solution of twisting. Hi-Tech GOLD series TFO proves more than 40% Power saving. This is proud for us. This machine as many more features. You can contact us for more details.

Double Deck TFO

A very compact and user friendly new generation Double Deck TFO machine is providing a complete solution of twisting in a small area.

Soft Package TFO

This is a Hi-tech GOLD TFO with soft package attachment. You can make direct soft package on this TFO for dyeing. So, No need to do soft winding process on soft winder before dyeing. So that Its saves capital as well as processing cost of yarn. It is also saves time.

Cheese Winding Machines

PLC based 6" and 8"  Cheese Winding Machines is the complete solution of parallel winding.

Spandex yarn winding machine

A new solution for making stretchable fancy yarn.


Hi-Tech High speed Precision Propeller Winder is loaded with advanced features. That is helping us to achieve high yarn density (Appro. 30-35% more than regular winder).